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Action abounds in the fantastic shooting game Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK(Unlimited Money & Gems). Where you can choose your favorite character to begin the fight and a powerful weapon to crush your opponents and start sniping and killing your enemies on the battlefield to win battles. Participate in Multiplayer 1v1 Battles to show off your skills, win more prizes, and go on more adventures.

Use the MOD Menu in addition to playing FRAG MOD APK to gain access to additional settings and new MOD features. It would help if you also tried playing with FRAG MOD APK Unlimited Everything to use Unlimited Money and Unlimited Diamonds. There are more than 70 different personalities to choose from in addition to new items. More peculiar traits are displayed below.

Free downloads of the most recent FRAG MOD APK Unlocked All Characters 2023 are also available for Android and iOS. Oh, BiBi made this incredible shooter action game. The first-person game requires you to engage in 1v1 combat with ruthless opponents from all over the world.

This game was made by Oh BiBi, who did a fantastic job with the graphics and sound. You may be confident that the game will offer an unparalleled shooter experience and, as a result, totally revolutionize your gaming experience.

Information about the FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK MOD menu

A fantastic MOD version of the shooting game named FRAG MOD APK Unlocked All Characters has new features. Choose the most significant characteristics you have to battle alongside millions of other gamers worldwide as the conflict begins. You can pick the most excellent gun to utilize to snipe all of your opponents and become the first victor on the battlefield, in addition to having every weapon unlocked.

The most recent FRAG MOD APK version includes fantastic gameplay jam-packed with action and fascinating adventures. Along with various responsibilities and a great capacity to move from one place to another in search of and eliminate enemies. Utilize the new heroes and characters available to build your squad where all characters are unlocked and can be customized in various ways. Use several game modes, such as cooperative and multiplayer, in FRAG Pro Shooter


You can compete against a single opponent in a heart-pounding shooting fight in the fantastic game Frag Pro Shooter. The game is simple to play, thanks to its brilliantly straightforward controls and auto-fire feature.

When you register for the game, you get to pick your character (the player who will represent you in the gameplay). Your task will be to command your character to fire and assault your adversaries.

You may quickly improve any game feature and purchase any item in addition to getting the FRAG Mod Apk for free. If you wish to use God Mode to survive the entire war, try the MOD Menu in frag pro shooter. Get one of the most prominent and critical new improvements to the game: Unlimited Ability and Ammo.

Furthermore, FRAG MOD APK Unlocked All Characters enables you to pick the best hero and improve him before the combat. The FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK, which grants you Unlimited Gold and Infinite Money, is also included. Suppose you want to find out additional information about FRAG Unlimited Everything. Check out the list of incredible new additions and game enhancements that weren’t present when the game was first released.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK New Update

The TARGET ACQUIRED feature of the game, which is much better, heightens the thrill of gaming. The auto-shooting adventure will begin once you have the target, so pay close attention to your adversary!

You’ll both have identical points to begin the game! Your main goal is to reduce your opponent’s score to zero. To do this, you must continuously fire them; be sure to take out as many as possible!

You’ll also be able to access more fantastic features as you go through the games. With more points, you may increase your gameplay, get better weapons, and sharpen your shooting abilities more quickly.

Simple to use and control

You can communicate with another player in the strange game Frag Pro Shooter by sensing their blood flow. The auto-firing option makes the game relatively easy to play and control. When you launch the game, choose your character (the player who will replace you in the game). You can tell your character to attack and shoot your enemies.

Goal: Obtain a Feature

The game even includes an OBJECTIVE GET component that ups the fun factor. When you get close to the target, the gun will automatically start firing; thus, your opponent must be your primary focus.

When you play, everyone starts with the same number of points. To score 0 against your opponent is your primary goal. To do this, you must continuously fire them; take care to eliminate as many as possible!

Making Game-Related Progress

Additional amusing features will become available as the game progresses. You’ll find it easier to improve your games, get better weapons, and improve your shooting skills if you accumulate more points.

Features of Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

  1. In FRAG Pro Shooter, players can control a skilled shooter. You enter a chaotic battlefield with 10 heroes, evenly divided between the two teams.
  2. Each side can choose a general to defeat the other.
  3. Each character has particular advantages and disadvantages. Players can quickly switch out heroes to defend against the enemy onslaught.
  4. To gain an advantage in battle, you can instantly change your plan of attack.
  5. It would help if you dispatched as many enemies as possible to achieve the highest points in FRAG Pro Shooter games.
  6. The final score of the game determines which team has won.
  7. If you are unfortunate enough to survive, you will return to base as soon as possible and join the battle.
  8. Due to the gameplay’s resemblance to League of Legends, this first-person shooter may be a tonne of fun.
  9. You’ll also need to build a battle deck so that you can balance, defend, or attack according to your playstyle and the teammates you have.

40 participants in the game

The FRAG Pro Shooter collection currently has a maximum of 40 characters, but that number will increase as the development team promises to add additional characters for forthcoming releases.

Because each character has a unique weapon and performs a particular role on your squad, your choice will affect your strategy for the game and your team’s tactics. For instance, it would be pretty unbalanced to combine a character that deals substantial damage with a character who heals.


Spend money on your character

Also, keep in mind to character upgrade for outstanding skills. Once you have a significant collection, you can use the real-time PvP arena to demonstrate your shooting skills, defeat everyone, and establish your reputation.

Rapid-fire Messy Game

Playing wild, chaotic games like FRAG Pro Shooter. You must immediately take out enemy targets and as many nets as possible to gain a high score. Over time, the team with the most incredible score prevails. Unfortunately, you’ll keep fighting once you get back to base.

A character limit of 40 will be updated in later editions. Each member of your team possesses a unique tool and role. Your choice will affect how you view the game and how your squad approaches playing. You can also upgrade them to reveal even more incredible skills. Enter real-time PvP rooms to show off your shooting skills, then eliminate each opponent to become legendary.

A heroic feat that was thrilling

An exciting HERO Shooter experience is provided by the mobile game FRAG Pro Shooter. You can compete against thousands of other players in a 1v1 match while controlling your character in the first person.

To suit your desired playing style, such as balance, attack, or defense, you build a BATTLE DECK. Every character can win a battle. Boost your fan base to become more well-known and draw people to your club.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK Stunning Graphics

In other words, FRAG Pro Shooter is a terrific game that combines colorful aesthetics with a tonne of voyeuristic action. The game’s world, in particular, was made using a complete 3D platform and various effects and techniques.

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MOD Specifications

Everything has no boundaries. You’ll enjoy collecting all the free coins, gold, gems, and other benefits after you launch FRAG MOD APK 2023.

Opened all the doors. Everything in the modified game is straightforward to unlock. Additionally, get Free Premium Unlock Skins. You may effortlessly obtain and enjoy FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK Anti Ban as well.

Launch each character. Of course, this is one of the primary aspects of FRAG Pro Shooter MOD Aall Characters Unlocked, where a game with more than 70 new heroes is available to play.

Countless diamonds FRAG Pro Shooter, MOD APK for Android, is now simple to download to your phone so that you can easily take advantage of endless diamonds and other benefits.

MOD menu. It’s time to play FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK MOD Menu. After that, you can access new game features and more choices. Utilizing unlimited upgrades in addition.

No cost retail. To purchase anything from the game store for nothing, try free shopping. There are many updates and additional features in the MOD version of the game.

Current modes. Go into God Mode. Use the multiplayer feature to compete against other players worldwide in other beautiful games. Similar to Sniper 3D or 1v1, LOL

Unlimited Personalization when choosing which hero to utilize in the opening battle. The character can then be improved using the game’s new upgrading and customization features.

Graphical development The actual game was improved in every manner. A complex user interface and 3D effects with gorgeous colors are also included in the HD graphics of the FRAG Version.

Contra Ban. You don’t need to ask for permission to install the game file. You may now instantly obtain FRAG MOD APK Anti Ban using the latest version, where you can easily keep track of your gaming location.

Installing Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK

Press the FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK 2023 link at the top as soon as the file has completed downloading. The unaccompanied sources option will then be enabled by going to the security settings. Install FRAG Pro Shooter MOD (Latest Version) by heading to the downloads file, just like you would with any other shooting game you have previously played. You’ll get access to a mod menu with an unending supply of everything once all the characters have been unlocked. Unrestricted jewelry, free shopping, and other unique features are also available.


Can I play Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK offline, or is it free?

No! Downloading this game is entirely free because it is completely open-source. It can be downloaded and played without cost.

Does Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK require an internet connection to play?

Yes! It would help if you were online to play it because it has an online component that enables you to play with friends and other players. It is only available online.

Is it safe to download this Game file from

Yes! There are no challenges in this process; download the apk file, install it on your smartphone or tablet, and start playing with all of its features.


FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK (Unlock All Characters, Free Shopping) is an excellent action, and the fighting game is jam-packed with surprises and has countless updates. Where any hero can be employed, improved upon, and unlocked. Additionally, there is an unlimited supply of money and a MOD Menu with additional new features. You will also get unlimited diamonds, free shopping, and god mode. Create your squad and engage in cooperative play to start brand-new, epic fights. Includes improved graphics, updates, and other new features.

What's new

What's New?
3.18: Year of the Dragon
- New character: Mei-Lóng joins the FRAG Arena!
- Joker Cards and Joker Tablets update
- Valentines' skins are back!
- Various game optimization and bug fix


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