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The story is about a genius girl and her worst high school teacher. The Scary Teacher has been threatening kids, giving physical punishment and at times torturing kids. Now, this scary teacher has relocated as your neighbor and you have decided to teach her a lesson by scaring her.
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Feb 6, 2024
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Players in the tactical action game Scary Teacher 3d MOD APK can transform into students to perpetrate practical jokes on their teachers covertly. The game offers a variety of pranks that each offer a different level of pleasure. Miss T and the joke are also there for the taking. You will therefore use your skills to their fullest to complete the level.

The main characters of the simulation game Scary Teacher 3D are two intelligent girls who are students of the worst teacher. The students have experienced frequent intimidation, threats, and abuse from the sadistic teacher. It has now entered your territory, and your goal is to scare it away so you can exact revenge. You can do whatever you want while she is in charge, even releasing animals.

This game was released by Z&K Games, a publisher with a love for scary games. The games have a lot of drama and suspense. Over 10,000,000 people have downloaded their most recent game, Scary Teacher 3D APK, from Google Play. And every day, it keeps climbing. The game’s distinct gameplay, straightforward control mechanisms, and magnificent 3D graphics immediately won over players.

Scary Teacher 3D APK

Scary Teacher Mod Apk is the name of the game’s customized edition. To get away from a scary teacher, you must leap. In this game, you have to shield the students from the chaos the teacher has started. It’s easy to play this game anytime, anywhere. You will love all the great things it has to offer.

Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK

Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk is a horrifying game with a complicated plot. The horrible teacher would discipline the students when they misbehaved. When it was time to be paid, the teacher moved into the large home next door. Now you have to figure out what Miss T is hiding. To do this, you’ll need to look into the teacher’s offenses at her 15-room house. Follow the quests to learn more about history, but take care! The mission will be a failure if Miss T discovers you


This game is about Miss T, a math teacher at an elementary school. She appears to be a standard teacher from the outside. Miss T. gives students nightmares. She took great pleasure in physically hurting children. She suddenly moved in next door to your home. You decide to break into her residence to infuriate her.


It’s improper to make fun of an adult while you’re young. This is something that Scary Teacher 3D APK recommends against. It could be challenging to remember this game. Granny. You must enter a frightening woman’s residence in both games. In Scary Teacher 3D, you will actively search for objects (such as mouse traps) and place them on Miss T’s table instead of running away. You’ll be happy when she screams in anger. Miss T will carry a newspaper with her each morning. You now have the chance to go inside Miss T’s apartment. Place something you enjoy on the table next to the newspaper. The search may take some time because this is a very large property with numerous rooms, including a living room, bedroom, music area, bathroom, kitchen, and more. When your “joke” is over, get out of the house before she notices you.

If she’s about to have breakfast, ruin it for her by adding a lot of salt to it (or soda, if you want). Miss T plans to unwind and watch her favourite television show. It will be necessary first to destroy the TV. There are many jokes for Miss T. Although she has to be hilarious when abusing children, I occasionally find her jokes to be a little too amusing. Each level is unique. Whatever, you are allowed to do this task however you feel will best serve your needs. For instance, one of the game’s goals is to destroy Miss T.’s soup bowl. There are still several different ways you could hurt it, though.

Learn New Jokes

In the most recent iteration of Scary Teacher 3D, Miss T is open to practical tricks, with two more levels to choose from. While playing pool, one tries to take advantage of her, and the other mildly shocks her with electricity. You watch and move deftly to escape this disturbing woman, each needing a specific skill to go through the level. Two new strategies provide gamers with exciting new options for the experience.

The Crazy Women’s Joke

In Scary Instructor 3D, the player is immersed in a story where they are high school pupils with Miss T as their teacher. You dislike her because of the way she is punished. Threats and physical violence are just two of the ways she mistreats her students. This motivates our main character to start breaking into the woman’s house, making fun of her, and scaring her.

Using easy-to-use, comfortable controls, you will control the character from the first-person viewpoint. Using just the main navigation and interaction buttons won’t be difficult. You can interact with some things at once to gather, discover more about them, or move them to a certain spot. A screen on the left of the screen records Miss T’s actions if you play the prank boy.

Complete Different Levels

Your first experience with a mode will be Career of Scary Teacher 3D. You have to solve a puzzling challenge at each level of this mode. Additionally, they will make specific requirements of you, which you will try to meet in your way. You’ll also be careful not to stroll around where Miss T might see you. You try to monitor her movements to see where she goes in the house.

In career mode, you will run upon subjects corresponding to different prank levels. In other words, you’ll encounter various challenges and funny, practical jokes. A surprise trap will be your first practical prank, but you won’t be able to place it in front of Miss T because she can see it coming from a mile away. It’s your responsibility to place the trap in the right spot and use a house accessory to soothe the character’s fears.

Scary Teacher 3d MOD APK Features

The conflict between the seeker and the fugitive

The multiplayer option is appropriate for you if you have a particular skill since you have finished all of the stages in Scary Teacher 3D. Although there won’t be many gameplay modifications, Miss T will be playable in both the seeker and hiding positions. When the level starts, you will know your responsibilities and what needs to be done. You must fulfil that requirement, which calls for incredibly brilliant chase-catch tactics applied widely. Download the Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK (Unrestricted Money/Energy) for Android to get free access to the MOD Menu, unlimited access to everything, and all chapters unlocked.

All Chapters of Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK are Unlocked

You must complete missions and objectives within a set amount of time without being discovered to win prizes. The eerie instructor is Miss T, and her home contains fifteen rooms filled with images of children who have suffered tragedies, endangered animals, and chocolate cake. Free access to the MOD Menu, unlimited stars, energy, money, and all chapters are included in our modified version. Do it now, please. Don’t forget to explore the entire basement.

Open-world interactive house

You go inside Miss T’s house to scare her and then teach her a lesson when she departs. Giving explosive birthday presents, like cake and contemporary hairstyles that leave you bald after shampooing, is the most efficient way to achieve it. Use these tactics during your daily activities to eventually fear her in the same way she terrifies her students and animals.

15 Different Rooms to Unravel Mysteries in

Go through each of her home’s more than fifteen rooms. Each of them has its mysteries. Images of additional students who were bullied by Miss T are available. In addition, there are pets in danger, explosive chocolate treats, and chocolates you can use against her. Investigating every area can find new goals and rewards to help you progress.

Frightening stories with age-appropriate topics for kids

Numerous horror-related elements are present in the game, such as Miss T’s outfit. However, these, in particular, are secure for kids of all ages and won’t give them nightmares. Teenagers must, however, adhere to the guidelines of Google Play and other app stores to play it. Just keep in mind that it’s only a formality and that you have the choice to cooperate or not.

How to Control

Scary Teacher 3D’s user interface is comparable to mobile role-playing games. The joystick on the left side of the screen lets you move the character around. You can interact with objects and keys by pressing the button on the right side of the screen. To adjust the character’s viewpoint, swipe the screen in the desired direction.

Apply advice

You can use the advice to help you remember if you have no idea what you’re doing. The Miss T. campus contains Stars. It can be used to purchase game hints.


Like Subway Surfers, the game’s primary characters are a pair of evil boys and girls. In Scary Teacher 3D, you can unlock a range of characters and their attire. Right present, the game’s main characters are Nick and Tani. The publisher plans to incorporate distinctive characters to improve your experience in the next improvements.

Miss T is a danger

On the screen in the left-hand corner, you can see where Miss T is in residence. I recommend playing the game many times to remember every small detail about this house. This will tell you the room she is currently in. She has a deeper insight into your personality when she changes her mind. Get out of here, now!

Scary Teacher 3d MOD APK Graphics

Scary Teacher 3D contains elements of certain horror games, although there are no visual signals that make this obvious. It is in a tranquil environment in a little town with upbeat colors. Miss T is quite violent and has a scary appearance. She occasionally has strange feelings, though. The use of amusing music softens the horror of the game. Due to the extremely violent content in the game, you must be at least 12 years old to play.

Scary Teacher 3d MOD APK Modes

Teaser Mode

Use anything you can get, such as birthday cakes, bread, eggs, and so on, to torture Miss T inside the room quickly. When she discovers her pupil’s smug attitude, you won’t be able to stop her from returning the worst punishment that the student has ever experienced. No one else should do it; you should.

Input Mode

The game screen is more captivating in this game environment. Tasks like Troubled Waters, Surprise Trap, Trouble in a bowl, and The TV Villian are among the many that need to be finished. In each Chapter of Scary Teacher 3D, questions will be posed. Of course, this award is also more valuable than Teaser Mode.


Those that reach level 2. I won’t introduce this mode, so please attempt to fulfil the prerequisites to unlock it. The main character is definitely at his funniest in this mode. But Miss T doesn’t necessarily fit that description. Purchase unlimited energy and free items by using the Scary Teacher 3D MOD.

Fast Win

You can get free extra spins and merchandise by watching commercials. But I don’t think this feature is necessary to use the MOD version.

Scary Teacher 3D versions in MOD APK

  • Energy and money without boundaries (version 5.14.1)
  • Infinite stars (updating).
  • Access each chapter (updating).
  • Menu Changes (updating).

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Scary Teacher 3d MOD APK reviews

From Abby Kress, This game is great, with a few teases. It gives you instructions, but I wish the hints were more specific. What or where is it, for instance? It’s still a lot of fun, though. I’d rate it a perfect 10 among my friends.

Baljinder Kaur: The game is great. However, channel 3 charges a lot for it. Because you can play every level after you pay the money, it isn’t very pleasant. The chapter will then end, and you won’t be able to uninstall the game after that.

Shubham Khajotiya thinks the Scary Teachers 3D mod apk is excellent and fun. However, you must pay real money to move on to the next level.


If you want to play a scary game on your Android device, you only need the Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk. This software will leave you trembling since it is so full of suspense. What is ideal? It’s unpaid! If you’re feeling brave (and possibly masochistic), download Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk immediately to see all the excitement. Now, play Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk 5.24 Mod Menu/Unlocked All Chapter/Unlimited Money and Energy and Star, the most recent game version, for nothing.


What is the most recent iteration of Scary Teacher 3D?

The game is regularly improved upon to improve the overall gameplay experience. The most recent version of this game is also available for download from the Google Play Store. 5.5.1 is the current version.

What requirements must be fulfilled before playing Scary Teacher 3D?

This game has been optimized, so there aren’t many important prerequisites. You need an Android device with at least 2 GB of RAM and version 4.2 or higher to play the game smoothly.

How big is the Scary Teacher 3D?

The game is quite small, and you only need 40 MB of free storage on your device. Make space on your device and download it to avoid any storage troubles.

Who is the author of the video game Scary Teacher 3D?

Z and K Games are the designers of this game. To view their other games, go to the Google Play Store.


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