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Helix Jump is the ultimate 3D arcade game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Smash, bump, and bounce your way through the revolving helix platforms to reach the end. But be warned, it's not as easy as it sounds!
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Feb 9, 2024
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Helix Jump MOD APK is among the easiest but most loved games from Voodoo Publisher. Voodoo is the name of the company that is renowned for its simple and addicting game that’s different from others. In any time, the games of Voodoo draw a lot of attention from players. Also, Helix Jump is also popular.

Story/Gameplay Helix Jump MOD APK

While gaming, the Android gamer will play and experience a relaxing gaming experience to the maximum. Enjoy playing like a bouncy, squishy ball that bounces across the screen to overcome the obstacles you face.

Walk down the long cylinder, which is filled with obstacles that move along its course. You’ll control using the basic touch controls, and move the cylinder freely by shifting the positions of the obstacles and creating areas where your ball will bounce.

Explore a myriad of difficult challenges when you play this straightforward but very addicting video game. Play with your online and friends to earn the top score while enjoying Helix Jump MOD to the maximum level.

Helix Jump MOD APK Features

This page provides all the exciting features that this game offers:

Never-ending difficulties in Helix Jump MOD APK

You’ll be able to finish the game by keeping the ball in control until it is at its goal. The more difficulty you’ll face more challenging the obstacles as the labyrinth is quicker moving and has greater obstacles and is, therefore, more dangerous. This means you’ll need to control the ball with more difficulty. There’s no better strategy to win than to use your creativity and the ability to react. Because Helix Jump is Endless it is a game where you are playing until you’ve committed a mistake. Helix Jump MOD APK causes players to feel uncomfortable however it’s extremely enjoyable. It’ll force players to work harder to score higher scores. I’ve been the victim of numerous losses and it only takes a tiny level of dedication to win. Making history create your own record in play this game.

Get access to new and exciting effects as well as balls

Alongside the regular ball, you’ll have the option of purchasing colorful balls with Helix Jump. As you play, you’ll get coins to buy various items within the game. The possibility of having balls that are colorful is the main goal of Helix Jump MOD APK players. On each level, the color is altered and adds variety which means you will not become bored.

Helix Jump MOD APK Graphics

Helix Jump MOD APK simulates virtual space that is stunning in its abstract. The layout of the maze spiral is easy and distinctive compared to similar games. Graphics have been enhanced over other games, making for the most enjoyable experience for the players. Additionally, you can enjoy the music that you enjoy when playing.

Simple, straightforward, and very fun game

Initial, Android gamers will find them able to master the game in a short time. But it’s easy to use the touch controls to move the cylinders as well as the obstacles that it encounters in various directions. The aim is for your ball to leap into the lower area of the cylinder as moving it. Be careful not to hit the red areas as the game will be over when you strike them. Be cautious when controlling the cylinder, so you can go on to the next level. With simple one-finger control, this game will be very enjoyable and engaging.

A wide variety of exciting levels that increase in difficulty

If you’re interested in playing this game there are many levels that offer fun and exciting gameplay you can enjoy while playing Helix jump MOD APK. With the increase in difficulty, you’ll find the first levels quite easy and enjoyable. As you progress and reach more challenging levels, they’ll keep becoming more difficult and keep the game difficult. Thus, you’ll never be bored even after playing for long hours.

Helix Jump MOD APK Face the challenges with massive force

If you’re frustrated by the number of obstacles and your white “thingy” that keeps blocking your way and making you get lost It’s a good suggestion to smash these should you choose to. However, you can prepare for the spectacular feat by steering the ball through three levels, without hitting the floor. Once you’ve gained enough strength, you can then crush the floor like it’s a thin sheet made of glass.

A wide range of game-specific adjustments in the game’s play on both levels and balls

Enjoy the thrilling and enjoyable experience of Helix Jump MOD APK whilst enjoying the amazing levels of this game. With levels that are randomly generated that feature a variety of obstacles and colors, you won’t be playing boring gameplay. When you progress through the game, you’ll have the ability to choose from a variety of specific game-specific customization options that can be played with balls. You can alter the look of the ball, as well as how it appears and the effects that it creates whenever it bounces.

The game can be played the game in conjunction with and without the Internet

In order to enhance the gameplay and make it more fun, those who play Helix Jump MOD will enjoy the thrilling and thrilling game even without an Internet internet connection. It is perfect to play while you’re on the go and don’t wish to drain any kind of data from your phone.

Helix The Jump MOD Play for fun

Despite the amazing features it’s available for free to all Android gamers to use on smartphones. However, it’s not difficult to find it on the Google Play Store and have it installed on your phone for free.

In the god mode with our mod

If you’re finding the ads and in-game purchases that are a bit frustrating, you can try this game that has been modified that offers free and unlocked gameplay that is Helix Jump. Most importantly you’ll also have the chance to play the incredible God Mode that we featured in our mod. This allows you to easily crush the Red “thingy” without losing the game. It can also make the game experience and be rewarding. All you need is to download and install Helix Jump MOD APK from our website. Mod APK on the website funmodapk.com.

Gameplay with the Simple Operation but no less Attractive

Puzzles are a game that comes with action and is organized according to normal gameplay. Everyone could play Helix jump MOD APK due to its simple and fun gameplay. It’s an easy task in controlling the ball’s bounce as well as overcoming the gaps in the tower’s twisting. Due to its amusing and attractive challenges, it is a favorite among thousands of players. You may not be able of avoiding the high demands of the game, which has a demanding time limit.

Countless Different Levels with Increasing Difficulty After Each Lavel

There’s no reason to worry about the various challenges that are offered in Helix Jump MOD APK. We have the ability to offer various levels with different difficulties. Once you’ve finished the prior level with a great score, you can be certain that you’ll unlock more challenges. Naturally, the level of difficulty rises as you progress. However, don’t worry as long as you practice and take on enough obstacles, you’ll be sure that you’ll finish each challenge with the highest score you can attain.

Avoid Falling or Touching the Illegal Tiles not to die

What is required for playing this sport? is endurance in challenging situations. You must be able to identify the essential steps for obtaining the most accurate bounce for your ball. Why am I mentioning that? It is because you need to determine the right duration and distance required so that the ball can bounce. It is crucial to ensure that the player can handle the ball to a particular level of precision when moving it. The ball must move effortlessly and smoothly to the next floor, and be sure that it does not enter the cells that are not legal.

Get Extra Plays by Watching ads in the Final Missions

If you’re worried about failing, you’ll not be able to complete the task. In case you’re smart enough to allow the game to start and end from the beginning, you can rest assured you can be sure that the game Helix Jump MOD will always allow you to advance. Users will receive extra play when they watch advertisements (this technique is only applicable to users who are online). Every time you see the video, you’ll be allowed to continue to the level you have been unsuccessful before. The number of ads shown will not be limited throughout the game, however, there is a limit to the number of views per level.

Buy more boosters or Plays in the Store at a Discount

We promise that a range of additional features will offer you the best gaming experience. This includes making it possible to watch ads to make more money. If you are bored with the advertisements for you. You can earn turns by buying turns from the shop. You can purchase boosters that can assist you in finishing the game using the best quality. Turns and powers can be purchased from the store at a cost that is reasonable. Make sure that you buy more games, you continue to be played in the same region in which you lost.

Conquer many Challenges and Complete with Friends at High Level

Many levels, hundreds of levels are accessible for you to play if you’re successful. The challenges available are added if a player asks for the. After you have completed the task, Helix Jump MOD APK will save your achievements and allow you to go on to the next step. The player must are performing at the highest level to beat your personal best. You can also invite family members and friends to join you. You could compete against one another to determine who is the most skilled and be even more competitive.

If you are you play Helix Jump MOD APK the only thing you have to do is keep the ball in control as it tumbles down the Tower. The game is accompanied by numerous obstacles that could hinder your advancement. The labyrinth of the game will be constantly changing. If you are stuck and you can’t move, you’ll be out of luck.

Helix The Jump MOD APK audio and quality


Gamers who play Helix Jump MOD will enjoy the easy and clear game’s visual gameplay. Explore the incredible levels that feature beautiful geometric designs along with hilarious as well as soft “things” that we called the bouncy ball. Enjoy the vibrant and inviting images as you play the exciting game with fluid animations and amazing visuals.


If you’re interested this game provides a distinctive and relaxing audio experience that will keep you immersed in the gameplay. It’s also ideal to listen to music while playing because you don’t have to worry about the sound of your game.

MOD-APK version that is Helix Jump MOD APK

One of the main problems that plague Voodoo games is the fact that they promote it. Because the game is completely free and it is a game that has a range of ads from publishers. This isn’t unusual. If you’re not comfortable, it is possible to disconnect from the Internet during the game and won’t be able to see advertisements for a while.

Simple. Download and install the MOD Version. This MOD version of the game can provide you with a lot of money in addition to all game’s skins. The worry of ads will be gone!

Colorful Balls

As you begin the game, players will be provided with the default ball, which appears basic and lacks any form of style. If you’re engaged in playing, then you’re likely to accumulate lots of coins in order to purchase things during the game. I’m confident that it is difficult to gather colorful balls in the game. It’s a lengthy process to collect the highest amount of coins to buy colorful balls. Every every time you play you’ll notice a variety of new colors for the levels as well as new objects.

No Advertisement

The primary source of revenue for Voodoo Games is through advertisements and that’s why it is so resented by a lot. Voodoo games have a number of advertisements than typical games. I’m not sure why, but they have ads. How do I download Helix Jump MOD APK from the link provided in this post? You can then play the game without absolutely no ads.

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How to Install Helix Jump MOD APK?

  1. Take out any previous version that you have
  2. Get HTML0 Helix Jump MOD APK or the normal Helix Jump MOD APK, or the standard APK by clicking on the above link.
  3. The option is available. “Unkown Sources” option in Settings > Security
  4. Play the game using your smartphone
  5. If it requires additional permissions, it is best to give it permission.
  6. Begin the Game and enjoy yourself No ads Experience

The final thoughts

Fans of the beloved Smash Hit Color Bump 3D and many other exciting titles available on our site will find another excellent mobile game that they can play on their smartphones. It’s fairly easy and fun for players looking for a simple and fun game for smartphones. Furthermore that it’s an unlocked and completely free version of the game on our site We don’t think you’ll need to find another.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with the twisting towers of ball bouncing in Helix Jump MOD APK. It is a great game of puzzles, which is played by millions of gamers due to its fun yet attractive. While playing the game, players will have only one goal in mind: getting their ball from the top floor and down to the floor below. There are small and medium-sized holes on each floor that allow players to control the ball’s downward motion. It is essential to be capable of shifting them quickly to take on higher levels of play.

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