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Xender - best sharing app fulfilling all your transfer needs
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Jul 4, 2022
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Xender MOD APK Introduction

The top Android file-sharing app is Xender MOD APK. The most extensive files can be quickly shared with another device with only one tap. Transferring the files to other devices is simpler—share documents, music, videos, photos, and any other file format that supports sharing. No internet connection is required for file transfers by distributing the data without a reference to the internet. Additionally, the application never used the data pack when transferring files. Since it is not cloud uploading, no additional data packs are required. Bluetooth might share and receive files from keypad mobile phones. It has now undergone a significant alteration. Better than Bluetooth at sharing files at speeds of up to 200X.

The Xender file-sharing team created Xender MOD APK. Your device’s wifi transfer speed determines the transfer speed. Typically, all devices can receive files at a 40mbps rate. The programme now supports various platforms. Use this programme to distribute any files to other systems that are supported. This programme is presently supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, Tizen, and Android platforms. Up to 200 million files per day were transferred successfully.

Describe Xender MOD APK

With an internet connection, the Xender Mod APK programme may be used to download and manage files from one Android device to another. There are a total of 4 versions of the app can be downloaded from the play store. The typical Xender are these. Instagram MOD APK If you use two phones or more than two devices, all four of these options take care of your file transfer demands. However, for file sharing between a PC and an Android device, both devices must be connected to the internet simultaneously. It won’t function correctly if there is no internet access as well. You’ll need better apps in that situation, like ShareIt, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Xender MOD APK no-ads

A new file-sharing tool transfers files from one device to another using wifi or Bluetooth. Using the software, you can send any document, image, audio, or video between two mobile phones. Once your favourite apps are installed on one phone, you may share them with pals. I used it on my Galaxy S3 (Sprint) to transfer some images and videos back and forth with my One Plus One to conduct this app evaluation.

Share files in any format

Some applications only support a few file types for transferring files to another device. All file formats are supported by Xender MOD APK when sharing files with others. In this area, the never limitation rules are observed. Transfer any File, including music, pictures, and documents: games, applications, videos, and much more. The restriction hasn’t even occurred during the creation of any files. The application supports numerous formats, and some are open in it. The application also had access to the built-in video player. Additionally, a built-in music player has been added. Before sharing, you can test the audio and video files using the built-in facilities.

Change MP3-Convert Video to Audio

Ender MOD APK provides a hidden MP3 feature within the programme. No extra application is required to convert MV format files into MP3 format. Make the audio file conversion to MP3 much faster. To restore the audio File to MP3, tap once. The majority of devices cannot use MV format files. Therefore, convert the MV files to MP3 format with this programme. Following conversion, it will work with any music player, including Xender. Modify any ringtones on the device, including the voice recorder in the ringtone. Battery depletion during the MP3 conversion is no longer an issue.

Downloader for social platforms’ videos

Users of Xender MOD APK can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Investigates the Whatsapp status in the application after granting authorization to the application. The application displays the HD quality status. Download the free videos from Facebook and Instagram as well. Kindly share the video link to enable Xender to import the video from the URL. The application supports only these two media platforms at this time. It will help a variety of platforms soon.

Mobile reproduction

All of the user’s data from the old phone must be transferred when they purchase a new handset. Most programmes share files, including documents, movies, photos, zip files, games, and programmes. Users can share contacts, call logs, emails, music, movies, and more with Xender MOD APK. Simple procedures will allow you to obtain all files in your new phones, which can aid you in any urgent scenario.

The file size is unlimited

Why use this application to share various file kinds when an internet user can do so instead? Users who share files on social networking sites have a capacity limit and can only share what fits inside that limit. When users need to transmit a high-resolution photo, but the social network does not accept it, it will not be sent, which is quite inconvenient. But this software is different; it has absolutely no limitations that it can put on the user. Users are free to share anything they want, and there is no limit to the amount of storage. Therefore the app is top-rated.

Transfer documents with streak speed

Users require a short time to complete the task thanks to the application’s rapid data transfer speed. It can carry data up to 200 times quicker than Bluetooth, so everything is finished in a split second. If consumers are interested in the precise figure, the application has a transfer speed of up to 10Mb/s; this is a remarkable figure for a file-transfer application.

Free Network and Data Connection

Without an internet connection, customers won’t be able to exchange the data they require over the internet. However, this programme does not need an internet connection to function; users can access it whenever and anywhere they choose without any limitations. It is a fantastic feature that just a few applications can provide users. Users don’t need to worry about anything because of this feature because there won’t be any delays when utilizing this programme.

Numerous features outperform those of rival apps

Xender is a programme for exchanging well-liked files (e.g., Music, Videos, Photos, MV, Apps, pdf, word, excel, zip, ..). However, the application includes many fantastic features, such as the ability to transfer files anywhere, at any time. If you don’t have wifi, this is practical. The app utilizes no mobile data at all and has a transfer speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This programme is compatible with several operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. As a result, you can use the programme with your pals with complete confidence. It’s practical because the app doesn’t require a USB connection or other PC software. Some people struggle to understand all the complex instructions when using computers.

Xender presently has well than 100 million users, which is a goal compared to many other similar services. The application now receives over a million successfully transmitted files daily, which will continue to rise. After a successful transfer, the application allows you to start playing any music or videos immediately. As an alternative, you can download social media using the app. You are, therefore, free to save videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. The app is also fun, and you can easily access the gaming centre to download a massive selection of widely accessible games.

How to use Xender MOD APK

You need to follow the relevant icons to use Xender, which is relatively straightforward. For instance, swap “specific” programmes with a 50MB capacity between two Android devices. The two devices can be connected quickly, and the operation takes little time. Press the “Send” button after selecting the app and the recipient device. Other phones must tap and hold the “Receive” button while they wait for the connection to be verified. The file exchange is quick during the conversion and takes a few seconds. You keep clicking the new icon to go forward right away after obtaining it. Very quick, efficient, and straightforward!

Try “SHAREit” if you appreciate how simple the converter software uses. This programme facilitates the rapid sharing of all files. You find the application simple to use. A potent media player is also included in the app. The application also contains GIFs, wallpapers, and funny stickers.

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Xender APK Pro Mod Features

  • Xender is the most excellent sharing tool for all of your trade needs.
  • Exchange music, Share a video, and a photo, Give MV, Publish It, Send Me, or Send a File.
  • Transfer any document (including an app, music, word document, zip file, and folder) to any location at any time.
  • without any flexible information use at all
  • Multiple times the speed of Bluetooth: wifi File Transfer King!
  • Cross-Platform Supports: Windows, PC/Mac, Android, IOS, Tizen, and
  • No USB connection or other PC software is required.
  • The choice of 500 million+ customers
  • Every day, more than 200 million papers are effectively transported.
  • Play all audio recordings and music after arriving.
  • Video to Audio Conversion is a New Feature
  • Social media downloader: Download recordings from Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp
  • Game Center: Hundreds of Casual Games Available Without Downloading or Introduction

Install the Xender Mod Apk app for Android

The Google Play Store offers a free download of Xender Mod APK. Download the app from the link below if you do not already have it.

This page allows you to download the APK file for Pubg Lite from our well-known website FUNMODAPK.COM.

Select settings by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Xender app after it has been installed on your Android device.

Install 202 Apk

To validate your account, enter your phone number and send an SMS with a verification code.

Open the app and begin sharing your files after completing the verification.

You can download Xender for Android from the links below. Install the app right away on your Android device by downloading it.

FAQs for Xender MOD APK

It enables users to share entire folders, music files, films, and even images with other users without the need for an internet connection.

How do I use Xender Mod?

A) One of the apps that third-party developers have updated to increase the features and usefulness of the original application is Xender.

Can I transfer films, pictures, and other things without paying anything?

A) Yes, you can transfer files across Android and iOS devices without paying a fee. Similar to delivering files to your device, the transfer is identical.

Do I need to install a different app?

A third-party programme like App 360 might be necessary for the Xender mod apk to function correctly on the devices you want to access.


If you require a programme that allows quick file transfers, Xender is a great option. If you need to transfer one or more files from one phone to another without wifi, an application is necessary. The technique is easy to use, quick and completed in a matter of seconds (it depends on the connection between the two devices). Thanks to the programme, you can save time and transfer data faster than regular Bluetooth. Support for cross-platform file sharing and transmission is possible. As a result, it is easy to transfer files fast between standard operating systems like Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS.

What's new

1. Other bug fixes and transfer optimizations

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