TextNow MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Unlimited Credits v23.23.0.1

TextNow MOD APK is a communication app. It offers unlimited free texting and calling facilities. More than a hundred million people have joined it. You have a local number and then enjoy texts and reaches worldwide. This mod lets you stay connected with your family or friends in another country.

Communication without bills is a catchy point of this app. How would you feel if you talked with your friends at a long distance without investing in the phone bills? You feel marvelous. So, it is for you. Just grab it. Download the app; get a phone number of your choice with a USA code. Now start calling and texting.

TextNow  Mod APK

Stay linked with your loved ones worldwide by spending low cost on international calls. You can use this service through many platforms, like Androids, tablets, iPhones, and computers.

TextNow SIM Card

For the proper functioning of this app, you need a TextNow SIM card. It maintains the same nationwide network.

Features of TextNow APK

Countrywide Calls and Texts, Without the Phone Bill

Let us tell you a way to become competent. Do you want to call without paying the bills? Then we bring a solution which is in the form of TextNow. Through this, you can contact and text nationwide at zero cost. It is mainly for the US public.

Cheap High-Speed Data

WithTextNow, toys don’t need any expense data. Your phone wants to change, and TextNow has provided you with the best option. With cheap data, you can text and call. Further, it requires no commitments. You have to pay for the data you want.

Add a Second Number to Your Phone

Do you want to keep your personal life distinct from your profession or business? Here is the best solution: use the TextNow app to secure your privacy. It provides the option of a second number to use two mobile numbers at a time. One personal number for your friends and family members. The second number for your business. It is the favorite social app of many people due to this feature. You can boost your status with this. It is the best private phone line with free calls if you want more privacy.

 Cheap International Calling

If your friends and family are in another country and you want to call or text them at a meager cost, then the solution is in your hand. Yes, we are talking about this trendy app. It offers cheap data calls for more than 230 countries. Rates are started from just 0.01 Dollars per minute. Stay longer connected with your loved ones. Stay associated longer with rates starting at less than $0.01 per minute.

 Calling by using Wi-Fi

Suppose your mobile signals are not working correctly or, in other words, not in range. But you have Wi-Fi availability. Then this app allows you to call and text your actual number using Wi-Fi. You can grab this catchy feature on a countrywide mobile network with a TextNow SIM card.

Is TextNow free?

 There are no yearly or monthly fees. It is ad-supported, with no charge to the people. If users don’t like ads, they can buy a subscription to delete them. You can access our free wireless network through a TextNow SIM card purchase, allowing users to call and text without needing Wi-Fi.

Key Advantages ofTextNow APK

  1. It provides a Passcode that keeps your messages safe.
  2. It mentions caller ID
  3. Through this app, you don’t need to remember your password. Google Smart Lock is available
  4. You can add a personalized signature to each text.

 How to download TextNow APK?

By following some given steps, you can easily install it.

  • Open the play store.
  • Then search TextNow APK latest version and select it.
  • Then click the install button.
  • Wait just for a while to complete the installation process.
  • Click the open button.
  • Now it is ready to use.


Can I call through TextNow by using Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can call using Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Is TextNow a secure app?

Yes, it is a fully trusted app. It provides the availability to use a second number for your personal use.


TextNow is a communication app for calling and texting. It provides a lot of new features for your benefit. So, what are you waiting for? Install the app and enjoy voice calls, unlimited texts without bills, and more over Wi-Fi and wireless.

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