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Stick War Legacy MOD APK is a strategy game created by Max Games Studio. It differs from others in the genre mainly because the characters are stick figures. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play and is 105 Mbs in size. However, you must acquire a membership plan to access its premium content.

The primary emphasis of the video game Stick War Legacy MOD APK is a conflict between stick figures. Conflict is raging amongst all of the factions in the Inamorta region. Each has a particular aesthetic for weapons. Choose which group you want to join. Even though the characters’ looks make them seem fairly stupid and harmless, beware of them. In this section, you can read more about the game’s extensive list of player-friendly features. The characteristics of the game are fully described in the text that follows.

Stick War Legacy APK: What is it?

A strategy game with stick figures called Stick War Legacy is available cost-free on all app stores. The game will take you on an incredible adventure through warfare with a tonne of intriguing weaponry and enigmatic things. Participate in this combat, using a variety of weapons to attack, defend yourself, and plan.

This game includes thrilling conflicts where you command a large number of forces, allows you to upgrade your equipment and weaponry, offers a wide variety of items to pick from, and has many other impressive features.

“Stick War Legacy MOD APK”: What is it?

The game’s premium and other intriguing content items are included in the modified version of the Stick War Legacy MOD APK, which is available for free download. Unlimited content is available, and you can keep winning the game.

You are given limitless gold and money in the mod version, which you can use to purchase a wide variety of goods and weaponry without having to worry about advertisements. You will have unlimited access to new modes, characters, and other things.


The gameplay is exciting, and the controls are straightforward to use. Your objective in Stick War Legacy APK is to command a sizable number of stickmen in order to expand your area of influence. Join the Stickmen’s universe to ascend to power and lead your nation to victory.

You can choose from a range of units, each with unique special skills to equip your army. You can build defenses, search for rich gold deposits, and employ a variety of military-related units, such as infantry, archers, cavalry, and many others.

Your main objective in life is to vanquish your foes and become the greatest lord the land has ever known. Stick War Legacy MOD APK allows you to command your armies to invade enemy territory, build fortifications to keep them out, and control each soldier in your army.

Defend the king

In Stick War Legacy, you take over the role of the kingdom’s lord-in-chief. You shall rule in peace, not by violence, harshness, or discord. However, the neighboring nations often assault your realm and possess modern weapons.

In a strategy game, you command a strong army full of stickmen, or warriors, as opposed to controlling a character. The combatants in your army—which could include swordsmen, soldiers, wizards, giants, and others—are under your control and creation.

Your fighters will be your main weapons during combat, so use them wisely and strategically. Additionally, you can enlist in the military by using magic charms.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Gold and gemstones

Stick War Legacy MOD APK demands a robust economy and a competent army in each crucial area. Just like in the real world, military forces worldwide have abundant cash resources or a substantial budget for the military.

The resources available to the players in this game must be adequate. You need a lot of gold to assemble a revolutionary army. You will need to use every one of your assets to create a strong defense.

A big team of laborers and excavators is available to work day and night to harvest gold from mineral resources. Improve your diggers to get all the needed materials and use more gold daily.

You don’t need to put effort into getting these materials in Stick War: Legacy Mod. Stick Dar Legacy Mod APK can be downloaded here with unlimited gems and upgrades.

Gems are equally important to Stick War Legacy’s economy as the gold mine. The upgrade of the stickman warriors necessitates the updating of your combat units. It also encourages miners to work twice as quickly in a given amount of time. Spells and other goods can only be purchased from the store with jewels.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK modes

Stick War Legacy offers a tonne of different and interesting modes. Combat in the Inamorata realm is immensely captivating, despite being only available in the original model. “Tournament and “survival” are other game genres. In survival mode, your stickman army must survive on a zombie-infested planet.

The Tournament mode in Stick War Legacy MOD APK will challenge you to compete against other players worldwide if you feel more competitive than normal.

Controls and graphics

The stick figures appear extremely friendly thanks to their cartoony quality. However, do not consider them regular stickmen, as they can develop into formidable warriors on a battleground.

Along with a realistic tactical viewpoint, the game offers a large-scale combat area with incredible weapon impacts. The game performs quite nicely without any lags. Perfect, I assume?

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Audio

Each action you take while playing the game is correctly accompanied by logical audio effects. You may hear your digger when he is searching for gold, for instance, or the faint noises of metal weapons banging against one another in violent combat.

Additionally, ambient music at each game level enhances your gameplay.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK’s features

Stick War Legacy Mod APK includes a lot of distinguishing features, some of which are given below:

Unlimited Improvements

The number of upgrades a player obtains determines how far they can advance in the game. If your base has been renovated, you can continue fighting for a long time. Along with everything else, you will also obtain increased status, troops, and barriers.

It can be challenging to upgrade everything at once, though. To avoid this problem, you can switch to the mod version of Stick War Legacy and get free access to all of the game’s upgrades.

Gold and diamonds are unlimited

These virtual jewels are just as rare and valuable as actual stones. Gem collection is exceedingly difficult, as the game only has a finite number of these gems. These stones provide several benefits, including:

  • Rush enhancements for swift attacks
  • To promptly prepare soldiers

Improved warriors

You must be patient because you can only obtain these gems by passing specific levels. The edition of the game will come in very handy if you desire diamonds without the waiting and labor. You can download and install the Stick War Legacy Mod APK whenever it’s most convenient.

Unrestricted Gold

Gold is the primary form of currency in the game. Getting gold, which includes troop redesigns, mine improvements, and statue renovations, demands most of the game’s effort. If you are extending your base, you could need a lot of gold, and the Mod game makes this possible. With the Stick War Legacy mod, you can access an infinite supply of gold and base upgrades.


Every single character has an available skin. You must play the game and unlock the skins, weapons, and strong armor to use them. Some of the most popular skins include the ones listed below. Leaf skins are light, ensuring your units can be transported and swiftly produced. Ice skins have powerful magic that can quickly freeze and slow down an opponent.

Preserve skins. Save skins made of the bones and fur of supernatural creatures, and increase your strength, speed, and capacity for bonuses. Known for blistering and hurting the enemy, lava skins are a sort of armor that is built up inside volcanoes. Vampire Skins: Inamorta, a sort of dark magic, is said to be the main component of vampire skins. If your adversary approaches you, it will offer you splash damage, life stealing, and immunity to poison.

Thrilling Stick Wars

Stick figures are usually a source of amusement and laughter due to their humorous appearance and simplicity. But don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity. In Stick War Legacy MOD APK, you will engage in massive battles where you must command your army, reduce casualties, and plan your attack. It is quite exciting and fun. Any character in your party can be manually controlled, so use them skillfully to gain the upper hand.

Make Your Own Products

While engaged in combat, you can give your men various goods to give them the upper hand over their adversaries. By playing the game and earning these weapons or using your gold to buy them, you can advance. You can also upgrade and modify them to make them tougher and better.

Several items

Stick War Legacy MOD APK features a variety of items, including leaf, ice, lava, vamp, and savage items, that can help you win battles. While ice items will freeze your opponent’s army and hinder their ability to move quickly, leaf products provide you with incredible speed but reduce your power. Items made of lava will offer you volcano-like eruption power. The vampire items will protect you from poisonous attacks and kill your enemies. Jump right into the game to learn more about these intriguing artifacts.

Dead Mode

In zombie mode, you must fight off never-ending waves of undead. You can do savage things in this mode, which are particularly effective against zombies. You’ll get rewards for how long you can stay alive in this dangerous zombie mode.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Graphics

The game’s graphics are entertaining, and its cartoonish styles give them a somewhat innocent appearance. But don’t fall for it; these stick people are extremely ruthless warriors prepared to defeat you. The weapons’ visual effects are incredible.

Election Mode

The inhabitants of the Inamortan regions are perpetually engaged in fighting one another. You can join whichever faction you see most appropriate. Each faction has its military strategies and equipment. You must extend your reign throughout the area and search for the fabled Inamorta crown to bring peace to the area and put an end to this fighting for good.

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Modular Features

Gold and money are in abundance

You can get free access to the mod version, which gives you access to unlimited money and gold. And by investing in new equipment, you can advance in combat incredibly.

No Ads

In the game’s modified version, there are no commercials, allowing you to play without being distracted by them.

Activate Weapons

In the modified version, weapons can now be unlocked for free. Gain access to the costly weapon without spending a single penny.

Open Characters

In the mod version, you can now unlock six more characters and play the game with them without paying any money.

Everything is limitless

The mod version will give you many features, so you may enjoy it endlessly. Enjoy brand-new game modes, limitless upgrades, tournaments, diamonds, and much more!

Stick War Legacy MOD APK latest version

Your objective should be to get control of several technological stations and make them ineffective. You must control each stickman while building units and mining gold.

Additionally, it would help if you mastered giant, archer, sword, sword, mage, and spear techniques. In this way, you can take out your opponent’s allies and seize their assets. Even the strongest stickmen could understand this.

Playing Styles

Many different game modes are available in Stick War Legacy MOD APK, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. Several of the top modes include:

In crisis

You have to defend yourself against zombie attacks in this game mode. You will need to use your excellent stick-fighting techniques to keep up with the game’s rapid-fire pace. How many nights can you withstand the vicious zombie attacks? In this mode, put your stick-fighting skills to the test!

Contestant Mode

In tournament mode, you must fight dozens of opponents in deadly combat. If you want to get the Crown of Inamorta, always make sure you win against them.

It’s fascinating to notice that every one of your rivals will be using equipment created by AI. You will only face AI competitors who are capable of competing with you.

Stick War Legacy MOD APK Voting Mode

This model is based on the world of Inamorta, where incredibly self-absorbed nations encircle your realm. They are devoted to advancing their own technologies, though, in order to gain control over other countries.

Every country will have different ways of safeguarding its borders in this way. Each nation is adamant in imparting its war tactics and armaments to other countries because it has such a strong faith in them.

Conflict will start as a result of this intransigence! You must gather your forces and stand by your principles when that happens. Make sure you outsmart your adversaries by using original stick combat techniques.


  • You will need to download and set up this game.
  • The system has 102 MB of free memory and 1 GB of RAM.
  • a smartphone with Android OS 4 or later
  • No root device is essential.
  • Wi-Fi connection that is active
  • refueled battery

How to Download Stick War Legacy MOD APK?

  1. Install the Stick War Legacy Mod on your phone as the first step.
  2. The Stick War Legacy APK may be acquired from a trusted and secure website.
  3. Open files on the device or select “download” in My Files.
  4. To open the APK file, select Downloads.
  5. Allow app permissions in step two.
  6. You must provide this app with the appropriate permissions in order to install it on your Android phone. The authorizations needed are:
  7. total network accessibility
  8. Billing services for Google Play
  9. Observe the network connections.
  10. Start installation in Step 3
  11. Permit the software to install completely once the permissions have been granted. The Stick War Legacy APK icon will show up on the desktop following installation.
  12. Use the Stick War Legacy mod APK in step four.
  13. Simply launch the game app now to begin playing!
  14. Step 5: Update Settings

You’ll notice frequent updates as soon as you start using the app. Just let the normal programs install and start having fun!

Note: Before downloading the Stick War Legacy Mod APK, ensure “unknown sources” is enabled.

Does Stick War Legacy MOD APK Have Modes?

Yes, they do! The premium features and other limitless sources of entertainment are available to gamers in the mod version. You may get Stick War: Legacy’s mod version from our website by clicking the download link at the top of the page. And delight in endless fun.


Stick War Legacy mod APK is the right alternative if you’re seeking a fast-paced game with difficult activity levels. The mod’s free jewels and skins unlock a level of happiness that has never been seen before.

This game mixes historical events into a wonderfully crafted game. This game is fun for people of all ages and can help you get faster on your feet and make better decisions.

Thank You!

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