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Carrom King™ is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids. Pot pucks in the pockets. Top carrom game with mind blowing features like Power Ups, Striker power & aim options, uniquely designed colorful pucks, and many more interesting collectibles.
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Dec 13, 2023
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Carrom King MOD APK is the best Android board game, and many carrom fans enjoy it. Friends, family, and children can enjoy this traditional board game. You can pot the coins into packets and get stars using the trick shots—the great offering from the creator of the world-famous game Ludo King. The developer was already well-known for bringing Ludo to Android. Many people try this game in their spare time during quarantine. As a result of the win, the developer released this excellent product for carrom fans. This game is available to everybody who enjoys carrom.

What is Carrom Pool APK?

Carrom Pool is an Android offline and online-based game developed by Mini Clip, a short-lived popular game whose author updates something daily; the game currently includes several features. Those who were not present have now added the manufacturer to the carrom pool mod apk and made it available as a Mod APK.

According to the previous, which has been made very user-friendly, now an option such as a multi painter has been included, which gives gamers a terrific experience; you can play this game anytime and wherever in your spare time. If you want to play this game with your family, you can easily play it with them at home, and if you want to play it online with them, you may do so even if you are away from home.

And you can become a carrom disc pool mod apk unlimited coins, and gems download by beating the guy in front of you by playing this game in the best way possible. Let me inform you that this game isn’t only for you; you may also play it online with your pals. You can also communicate with them via chat, which is a fantastic feature of this game. This implies that you can expect a lot of excitement from this game. You will be unable to stop yourself from playing this game after you have completed it. As a result, you should get this game on your Android phone. The complete download process is detailed below, and you can get started by clicking

What is Carrom King MOD APK?

Carrom King MOD APK is a game you can play with friends. The room code can be seen on the screen when the room has been created. You’ll never have to pay the fee to make space. Share the room code you’ve established with your friends. Up to four men can play the carrom. The player’s friend copies the code or note code. Then enter the game and select the join room option from the room menu. It will inquire about the player’s friend’s code. To join the room, enter the code—a far more convenient way to invite up to four people. The rules for both classic and friendly matches are the same. During the modes, the game will not change the rules.

Each player’s opportunities have been used up, and the chance has been passed on to another player. Carrom King MOD APK gives one feature if one player takes too long to pocket a coin. This function will aid in the correction of player errors. If a player waits too long to attack the coin, the opportunity has passed to the following player. Furthermore, when opponent players exit the game, those that remain standing will receive total awards. The player receives stars when he makes trick shots in the game. Those stars will aid in the completion of tasks. Any participant in the game can use attack coins. You only get one chance; otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the next one.

Play with your pals

Carrom King MOD APK allows players to play with their pals in the game. There are two options for playing with your pals. To begin, the player must invite a friend to join the game. They will then log in using their Facebook or Google accounts. The room is created by one player selecting the best choice. There is a one-crore betting option available. Let’s start the game with a cup worth of crores. Both have sufficient funds to wager the entire amount. Otherwise, the player can play with a sufficient sum of money.

Mode of combat

The global participants participate in the battle mode. Those players are well-trained and aggressive in their pursuit of victory. When you’re playing matches in career mode, however, you don’t have to worry about anything. Expect the unexpected, and assume that all players are the same. Take advantage of your ideal opportunity to complete the level. You will obtain several awards at each level of completion. Collect the betting amount from both before commencing each match. You never leave a match once it has begun. Play till the game is over. If you cancel or abandon the current match, your awards go to the opponent. The opponent will decide the contest.

The lobby has been updated

Carrom King MOD APK has a variety of lobbies to choose from. You will quickly become bored if you continue to play in the same lobby design. As a result, the game developer includes a variety of vivid designs in each game. For every match, the player can choose from various colorful boards. The selections in the lobby have also been updated. There will be no more colored lobbies at the start. The developer has now introduced a variety of lobby colors to the lobby section. The developer deserves credit for establishing a lobby design with various hues. Like Ludo King, a theme mode will soon be added to the game. From the game options, select a theme design that you prefer.

A wide range of pucks is available

Carrom King MOD APK has also included a variety of colored pucks. The designs on each puck were stunning. You’ll need to spend some coins and diamonds to get the new colorful pucks. After unlocking your favorite pucks, you can use them in any match. Compared to other players, your pucks have a unique and appealing appearance. Coins and diamonds can be used to unlock any puck. The inside game is fantastic, with a variety of options. There’s no need to wait any longer to play the game. Now you can play the game on your Android device.

Mode for use when you’re not connected to the internet

Carrom King MOD APK adds an offline mode to the game for all players. Not at this time. Everyone does not have access to the internet. As a result, the game developer carefully planned to create a game with both online and offline modes. Invite new players to play on a single mobile device. The screen carrom on a mobile phone can be divided into four sides. As a result, four players will play on one screen. You can choose computer mode if no one, friends, or family members are available to play with you. The artificial intelligence model was used to create this computer model. Playing with the computer no longer yields any rewards.


The graphics in Carrom King MOD APK are well-made and of high quality. Every single match appeared to be stunning. During the game, never lose sight of the match’s quality. Carrom coins strike animations, and the developer does well with the sound. Colorfully designed boards are appealing to the eye. Because of the graphics, this game is more accessible to become addicted to. The developer has also optimized and provided the Puck coin design. Perfectly timed sound effects are also included. The sounds are realistic after hitting the count to pucks or board.

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Features of Carrom Pool Mod APK

Carrom Pool Mod APK is a multiplayer game with many useful features, such as the ability to play it online with your friends or another online person while traveling, as well as offline. It is suitable for use with. Similarly, it has several aspects that remind us of the carrom board we used to play with as kids. Other than that, you may find a list of what is included in it.

Interrupted adverts are the most frustrating part of playing any game on our Android phone, as they ruin our game’s mood, but you won’t have to deal with any advertising in the carrom disc pool mod apk. It may be played in any format, both online and offline, and is ad-free.

Make some money

Every gamer wants to play a game where he may earn money, so the developers also included this feature. If you play this game, you will receive money; the award is as follows:

The APK file for Carrom Pool is available for download

Carrom Pool mod apk is as simple to download as it is to play, making it very simple to carrom pool apk limitless cash and gems. Download this game; it is also accessible on the Google Play Store, from where you can download it; however, going there will waste your time; instead, we have provided a link to download it on our website. You can also get it free from our website, which includes instructions.

Step stated that by following you, it would be downloaded on your phone and will inform you. To use the new mod program for this game, you must first erase the old one. Now, go to the official link provided below our page and download it on your phone. Download the carrom pool mod apk with infinite coins and gems. A few times, this app will be downloaded to your phone.

On Android, how do you install Carrom Pool APK?

You must install this Carrom Pool APK on your phone after downloading it to play this game. You won’t have any problems installing it if you follow the procedures below:

  1. To install this game app, go to the memory of your phone where you downloaded it and then click on the download app file.
  2. It will now begin to install on your phone.
  3. In a few moments, it will be installed on your phone.
  4. You may now play it on your phone by opening it.


What is the procedure for adding friends to Carrom King?

Connect with your Facebook account to find all of your Facebook friends in the game and invite them to play with you or against you in a match.

Is it possible to play Carrom King online with friends?

You certainly may, but you must first make an account and invite friends to play. It has about ten million daily active gamers from all around the world.

What is the maximum number of players that can play carrom king?

Up to four people can play it in single-player mode or team mode with two teams of two vs. two.

What is the best way to play Carrom King?

You may connect this game to Facebook and this wifi and hotspot to Facebook.


Overall, we’ve covered everything there is to know about Carrom King MOD APK. In terms of board games, this is a fantastic game. To complete all levels, play this game. Play with international teams to earn a variety of rewards. Use your reward money to improve your pucks’ designs and purchase new carrom board designs. You had to pay money to buy designs in the game’s original version. Try our MOD version to get unlimited money and an all-time winning mode.

Thank you very much!

What's new

★ Claim extra rewards while you skill up and show-off in the Trickshots section.
★ Spread joy and send virtual gifts to players online


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