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The top-rated, most feature-rich App is called Blue Whatsapp Download. Additionally, it is WhatsApp messenger's updated version. The new and upgraded features.
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The top-rated, most feature-rich App is called Blue Whatsapp Download. Additionally, it is WhatsApp messenger’s updated version. The new and upgraded features absent from the most current version are added in the blue WhatsApp plus the most recent version. Foud Mokdad modifies it for the Android smartphone.

It is regarded as the top messaging App in the entire globe, with approximately 2 billion users. And there are around 1.5 billion active users each month. It is best to use it to protect your data and uphold your privacy. The name of color is blue, as shown by the App’s title. The character denotes the WhatsApp theme color. The previous version does not provide this kind of feature. The user’s last seen, online status, and profile photo can all be hidden here.

Users can alter their chat bubble and wallpaper in the. There are unimaginable levels of privacy settings present here. The profile privacy may be completely controlled, and privacy options like Freeze, Anti-Delete Status, View Hiding, and View Hiding are available. The settings on the home screen, such as the header conversations tabs, rows, etc. Everything that the user wants and needs from the – is present. Other significant choices, such as the ability to lock WhatsApp, create a backup using Titanium, use a restoration tool, and hide media from the gallery, are also there.

WhatsApp and blue WhatsApp are contrasted

Whatsapp is a gorgeous program that has a sizable user base right now. It was released in about 2009, and as of right now, there are almost 600 million active users worldwide. It applies to gadgets like the iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia S40. A new WhatsApp name is now known as the blue WhatsApp due to the modification in this version. The most recent version of Blue WhatsApp Plus was launched in 2012.

The theme is the first thing that sets WhatsApp apart from the blue version. Depending on the level, WhatsApp Blue offers about 700 articles, including name, font, and file variations. However, the original edition has no way to alter the theme, including the text and colour.

Emoticons are the second distinction. It is a feature exclusive to WhatsApp’s blue version. The other user can view the smileys you’ve applied if they have blue WhatsApp download 2023; otherwise, they will see a question mark in the original version.

The editing and sharing of files is the third distinction. The blue WhatsApp has an Iron option that allows users to adjust the size restrictions and the file they want to transfer, unlike the original blue WhatsApp that was available for download. The user has to preserve the image quality of their images and movies twice, even though the file size can range from two MB to 250 MB.

There is a six-menu option to modify their files’ settings for this reason. Both contact images and visuals that change in colour size are used on the movie set. The animation can be turned off here. A user can send a file approximately 20 MB in size with the original version.

Amazing blue graphics

The most recent version of Whatsapp, Blue Whatsapp Plus, permits the remarkable feature of stunning blue visuals. Try this App if users are tired of the standard WhatsApp. They will undoubtedly enjoy this App’s features in their entirety. Blue WhatsApp alters the colour’s ability. They are not in contrast form as a result. The predominant hue is a shade of blue.

Modified WhatsApp Blue Plus features

  • The most recent WhatsApp version
  • You can send videos up to 50 MB.
  • The WhatsApp group name can contain 35 characters.
  • It is where you can copy the status of other people’s clipboards.
  • Omit online presence.
  • After reading the message, remove the blue tick to make contact with others.
  • There are now over 600 more members of the broadcast group.
  • It is present almost a hundred times across languages.
  • New and modified emojis.
  • The possibility of setting the online status for 24 hours
  • The choice to hide written information while typing
  • Additionally, while recording a message, hide the recording status.
  • The choice to prevent calls
  • The tick’s colour and size can be altered.

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Unrestricted Multimedia Sharing

Only a few music and video files could be transferred with the previous iteration of WhatsApp, and the quality of any downloaded images was typically subpar. The customer must utilize the blue WhatsApp plus the latest version download 2021 for this function. Users will gain access to an endless number of sharing possibilities through this, including movies longer than 30 flashes and 7 minutes. Additionally, it is simple to transmit audio files up to 50MB and 100MB in size while retaining image quality. Users can have all their records connected to anything by utilizing the blue WhatsApp Keep and can access them whenever they want.

Make the blue WhatsApp Plus download look like an iPhone

This is also another lovely aspect of the blue WhatsApp. To make the emojis resemble the iPhone emojis and provide their app-like iPhone design, users must shift the configuration choice and alter the emojis’ colour to blue. In addition, WhatsApp has undergone several other adjustments. The top bar will adjust similarly to an iPhone.

Determining status

The sky Similar to writing status, WhatsApp gives users another great tool to hide information when they are typing for an extended period. Sometimes, in response to a query, the user must stop and ponder before responding via SMS, and he will never want to reveal how long they spent typing.

No Cost

Because there is no fee to download and install this fantastic App, the user need not be concerned about the cost of blue WhatsApp. The latest version of the blue WhatsApp APK is easy to download. The most recent version of Blue WhatsApp Plus is free, so users don’t worry about paying for it, unlike many other applications with expensive fees to access their premium features.

Utilize the App anywhere

On a global scale, blue Whatsapp plus 9.11 apk download is utilized for free. Because the free messaging App blue WhatsApp + download is everywhere, users can communicate with friends, family members, neighbours, or other people they choose. But if both users have a reliable internet connection, it is feasible.

Keep Login blue New WhatsApp version 2023 download

Contrary to other messaging and chat services, Blue WhatsApp has the fantastic advantage that users always sign into their accounts. It’s dangerous to frequently save their password and additional vital information to their device. Blue WhatsApp, however, will automatically save their phone number and password.

Style and font

The font size and style in the Blue Whatsapp apk are fantastic. People grow tired of utilizing the same pattern on WhatsApp because there was only one typeface style accessible in the original WhatsApp. As a result, they favour using a blue WhatsApp with a wide variety of fonts and styles. There is also a font that looks like cookies. This is the ideal alternative for individuals who wish to alter the font style on WhatsApp.

Data from the past

Many people use blue WhatsApp for business purposes and must want to utilize Whatsapp to maintain the record on their phone. The most excellent alternative for the customer is WhatsApp’s fantastic solution, which allows maintaining the form of The Uses action for the issue described below. Because this service logs user activity, users can track their chart and history.

Wallpaper and stickers

Users of 2021 can acquire a lovely sticker in the blue WhatsApp download that elevates them to the status of best WhatsApp user among their friends. Users can use it to keep themselves informed with the new and lovely stickers updated on this App with the beautiful wallpapers. If people cannot find anything they like, they can create sticker packs. They need to go to other websites for this.

Don’t be seen online

Another lovely benefit of the blue WhatsApp is that it gives the user an appealing alternative that everyone wants to use since it is so unique. Being involved in your contact list allows you to hide your presence status from other individuals who can view it. When using this option, the user appeared to be offline, but he was speaking to anyone.

Created a media downloader

Only the “Status” that other users have submitted to the App can be viewed by users on other WhatsApp. It cannot be saved. The program that offered a created media downloader for downloading their preferred state has resolved the issue. In this case, WhatsApp plus blue. Users can effortlessly download the image or video to their device without asking the sender.

Internal Purifier

Users don’t need to download third-party cleaners because every device has a specified amount of storage for various apps, utilities, and other functions. The cleaner’s primary responsibility is to remove unused programs and data from the device. The user must do specific actions, such as turning on the cleaner to remove all pointless notifications and speed up the software.

WhatsApp blue lock

The user must use the blue Whatsapp plus download if he wants the secure WhatsApp without downloading any third-party app locker because the user will correctly configure the Applock password or pattern when he turns it on. There is another solution available if the user knows their password. He can then create a security question as well.

Commentary tracker

It is one of the blue’s most outstanding qualities. Plus Whatsapp As the name implies, it lets the user alter the chat screen. The action barbell, photos, chat entry style, and many other screen elements have changed.

Blue customization option WhatsApp 2023 new version download + blue WhatsApp provided great user backgrounds and designs, allowing users to personalize the main cover and head chat screen to their own.

To download Blue WhatsApp 2021, you must have those rights

  • Use SMS
  • recording of audio
  • Vibrate
  • Put an end to all background tasks.
  • Online accessibility
  • Locate the gadget
  • Use Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, cameras, and Camera Mike.
  • Acquire Accounts
  • Verify contacts
  • Change the audio settings.
  • Organize your contacts.
  • outside storage
  • Using mapping software

Multiple Messaging Formats

Typically, WhatsApp is used to communicate between two persons and more using a single option in an SMS. But there are other options for sending and receiving messages with the blue WhatsApp Plus download;


Most people use their phones without permission because they are professionals most of the time. Then, they ought to utilize the blue WhatsApp, the most excellent choice. Enable the “auto-reply” option for their regular contacts to notify them of their status to avoid a bad situation.

Untimely Messages

This function allows users to schedule messages with the appropriate time and date for various family-related events. For this reason, users won’t need to remember their birthday or other important dates to convey the news on time.

You can use Offline Messages

WiFi or an internet connection are not required to use the blue WhatsApp +. Users can send messages rapidly and virtually entirely offline, and the servers will still store them. Users and recipients can always connect in any way, and their communication will always be forwarded to them.

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Obtaining Blue WhatsApp

If you already have the blue WhatsApp plus download of the blue WhatsApp download 2023 new version on your Android phone, remove it.

  1. To download the MOD APK file of blue WhatsApp from our well-known website, FUNMODAPK.COM, click the Download button at the top of this page.
  2. Give the downloaded file the correct position after the download is complete and save it there.
  3. Go to your cell phone’s settings menu, then select the security option.
  4. You can enable it by selecting “Unknown sources” after clicking on it.
  5. You should now open the downloaded file you previously saved.
  6. Select “Install” from the menu. The installation procedure is launched.
  7. When the installation is finished, the Minecraft mod apk is accessible.
  8. It is available for use. Enjoy and have a great time.


What about the 2021 blue WhatsApp Messenger?

The WhatsApp Blue APK mod adds more chat options. You can use WhatsApp’s visual information to make your conversations with pals more enjoyable.

You can use WhatsApp’s visual information to make your conversations with pals more enjoyable.

How Has Blue WhatsApp Changed?

By selecting the download option, you can upgrade to WhatsApp Blue if you believe you have an older version of the WhatsApp changes. Download the most recent iteration of this hack to use blue WhatsApp +.

In the blue WhatsApp apk, how secure is WhatsApp?

Utilizing the blue WhatsApp app, WhatsApp is thought to be completely secure.

Is Whatsapp Blue a tool to prevent bans?

Beginning with Blue WhatsApp, the Anti-ban function has shielded users from any temporary or permanent suspension.

How can I stop the blue tick feature in the blue WhatsApp apk from working?

You can partially disable Blue tick in WhatsApp by using the “Show Blue tick after reply” function in the blue WhatsApp apk.


A simple and fantastic program with many distinctive features, Blue Whatsapp, draws users in with its simplicity. Due to its inherent advantages, this download blue WhatsApp is gaining users daily. Because everything in the world is being modified, people will have free access to modified goods for everyday usage. This software is the ideal option for the service in this regard. By clicking the download icon at the top of the page, you can download blue WhatsApp if you’d like to. Additionally, we would appreciate your help in offering our best effort if you have any comments or recommendations regarding the content.

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